FKS 04 S Chiller Unit

£2,310.00  ex vat

P/N 79.402


  • - The solution for contour independent, fast cooling, cleaning and preservation
  • - Fully automatic – one button controls the entire process
  • - Adaptor for SK/BT50 tapers installed in the unit
  • - Changeable adaptors for SK/CAT/BT 30 to 40 and HSK 25 to F63 are available
  • - Cycle time approx. 40 seconds
  • - Easy set of individual cycle time
  • - Air pressure: 6 bar
  • - Weight: 22.5 Kg
  • - Water Tank: approx. 14 litres
  • - Includes 1 litre of coolant additive


For cooling, the tool holders are placed in the tower of the cooling unit and the door is locked. The cooling medium is automatically pushed upwards by compressed air from the tank and flows around the previously heated tool in a ring. This ring-shaped and therefore symmetrical flow prevents the tool from “bending“. When all the coolant has filled the tower, air flows through the water like in a bubble bath, the water is flushed with room temperature air and cools down the coolant to room temperature. The tool holder is cleaned and rust protected at the same time. All types of shrink holders can be cooled, regardless of their diameter and length. Patented Technology: The body of the chiller is filled with cooling water. Compressed air will press the coolant into the tower. Therefore the tools cool down equably. When showering the tools they would bend and ruin the runout accuracy.

£2,310.00  ex vat

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