US 1100 Horizontal Shrink Unit

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P/N 79.500.100


  • - Changeable adaptors HSK 25 to HSK 100 pr SK/BT 30 to SK/BT 50 to hold the ShrinkFit tool holders in the shrink position
  • - With the universal tool clamp for all tool taper types, it is possible to clamp all taper sizes centric
  • - Manual operation with power button or automatic with parameters
  • - Innovative pyrometer coil with TempControl for monitoring the shrink temperature (optional)
  • - Foot switch for ‘hands free’ operation
  • - I4.0 functions of the devices
  • - Reading tool date via RFID chip, Data Matrix code or QR code
  • - Integrated data interfaces USB, RS242 for network integration
  • - Data transfer for statistical evaluations and documentation
  • - For cool down of the shrink holders we recommend the use our chiller unit FKS 04 S
  • - Shrink range: Ø 3 – 32mm for carbide shanks Ø 6 – 32mm for HSS shanks
  • - Maximum shrink length approx. 500mm
  • - Power: 11 kW
  • - Includes basic coil, 5 interchangeable discs and a set of gloves


Shrink technology is an integral part of modern production. Diebold is a pioneer in shrink technology and as a company, have extensive technical knowledge and decades of experience. The US 1100 is a brand new series and available in horizontal and vertical versions. Within this series, parameters for safe shrinking are stored. The operator must identify the tool holder and select the appropriate parameters. The new US 1100 devices can also be equipped with an innovative coil with built in TempControl, a temperature sensor that monitors the surface temperature of the tool holder during heating. With TempControl the jacket temperature of the shrink chuck is now recorded. Unintentional overheating of the tool holder is avoided without the need to preselect the chuck configuration, whether slim, standard orn reinforced. An automatic heating and switch-off process is integrated in the technology. The solution is the “pyrometer”. When the jacket temperature is reached, the coil automatically shuts off or maintains the required temperature. Each shrinking device of the US 1100 series can optionally be equipped with the pyrometer coil and TempControl. Without pyrometer technology, shrinking with specified parameters is the classic procedure.
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