TA.CP Series – Light duty angle heads

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Technical Data

  • - Conical (V-shape) torque-arm pin like all OMG heads which eliminates any angular backlashes, unlike cylindrical type of pins
  • - Optimised indexing set-up for an easier and faster adjustment on machine-tools
  • - Lubricated-for-life
  • - Ground involute Gleason type gears
  • - Extremely reduced weight in comparison to the capabilities and performances of this new range of angle heads
  • - Usable on small size machining centres
  • - Extended length versions available further completing this new range
  • - DIN69871, BT, BBT, HSK and CAT back-end shanks available


The new generation of TA.CP angle heads introduces an innovative line targeting all the small machine-tools with restrained size, but with high performances despite limited weight on tool changer. Therefore TA.CP angle heads are lighter but with both quality and reliability typical of our products. The goal of containing the weight has been reached by making the head body in aeronautical aluminium alloy and by engineering a simplified and lightened torque-arm system, yet maintaining unchanged the back-end shank modularity characteristic of our Heavy Duty range. The major feature of this new generation of angle heads is to be able to perform drilling, tapping and reaming operations on machine-tools with high limitations on tool changer weight, or when production costs must be extremely competitive.

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