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  • £ 98.00


    *Modular system - two workpiece stops can be connected by utilising a combination element

    *Quick and easy set up for positioning of components

    *18mm T-Nut included

    £ 98.00
  • £ 42.00

    Workpiece stopper with magnetic base.

    Shank dia: 30mm

    Holding force: 200 N

    With its built-in magnets the workpiece stopper gets fixed directly to a bench vice (for example) and applies for exact positioning of your workpiece. After clamping, it can simply be removed and releases the positioning surface for processing

    £ 42.00
  • £ 33.00

    Workstop for 5th Axis vices

    *Simple adjustable workshop assembly

    *Provides quick and accurate repositioning of the workpiece

    *Suitable for all 5th Axis self entering and double station vices

    £ 33.00
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items