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IconJanuary 6, 2022

With technology in our industry endlessly evolving, it’s important that YMT Technologies continues to offer you the very best workholding and toolholding solutions available. After weeks of rigorous testing and examination by our experienced applications team and by many of our current 5th Axis Workholding users, we have decided to move forward with an alternative supplier for our 5 axis vices and our mechanical zero-point bases. Our new range of workholding solutions enables far greater performance and flexibility for your fixturing requirements going forward.

With that being said, we’re thrilled to announce that YMT Technologies are now UK partners with Jergens for their Fixture-Pro® 5 Axis vices and Quick-Loc zero point bases. Jergens have been making workholding solutions for 80 years, and with such experience and expertise, they have developed the best performing and most flexible self-centring vices available in the world today. Along with Jergens extensive range of 52/96 zero-point systems, we now have a range of fixturing solutions to accommodate almost all applications.

“This is an incredible acquisition for YMT Technologies and we’re incredibly proud to represent such a household name here in the UK,” said Luke Puplett, Development Manager at YMT Technologies, “With numerous jaw and insert options, the Jergens Fixture-Pro® vice range is the most flexible self-centring vice in the world today.”

“There is a growing need for automating the manufacturing process in our workshops” Luke Puplett continues, “With many businesses looking towards palletised automation products, it’s important that YMT Technologies can offer not only quality workholding products to give your parts security for lights-out machining, but it’s fundamental that we offer you outstanding flexibility to ensure the product can be used for a high number of different applications. Jergens Fixture-Pro® vices and Quick-Loc zero-point pallets are the perfect solution.”

Jergens have really thought about all aspects of the Fixture-Pro® self-centring vice range. Due to their unique pull-down jaw design, all Fixture-Pro® vices are equipped with quick-change jaws which means no tools are required to swap or reverse the jaws. With jaw lift being a common occurrence in many self-centring vices, the Fixture-Pro® vices do two things to successfully eliminate it. The vice captures the front of the jaw with an angle that forces the jaw down as it builds resistance. The second design Jergens implemented allows the carrier to float, so when the clamps build resistance, the top of the jaw carrier and the bottom of the jaw pinches the rail that runs the length of the vice and forces the back part of the jaw down too. These two important features ensure the entirety of the vice jaw is contacting the rail and is therefore providing unmatched rigidity for OP1 and OP2.

Jergens Fixture-Pro® vices are equipped with 96mm and/ or 52mm pitch patterns in the bottom of the vice, which are compatible with Jergens Quick-Loc pallets, Lang Quick Point, 5th Axis Rocklock and others. The Jergens mounting stud receivers are the same as the Lang version; this means both Jergens and Lang systems can interchange without the need to swap mounting studs.

Luke Puplett finalises, “Jergens Fixture-Pro® vices and Quick-Loc bases are manufactured to the highest standards, with every feature created with the operator in mind. YMT Technologies and Jergens will work closely together over the coming years and we’re very excited about what the future holds.”


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