Since YMT’s inception in 1981, the company’s profound understanding of machining applications has allowed it to source an unmatched range of cost-effective equipment that enables machine tools to realise their full productive potential. Rather than being an added cost, the efficiencies made possible by YMT’s tooling division provides users with rapid ROI’s and improved profits. A perfect example of YMT’s range is the popular OMG products.

With over 50 years of experience within the global machine tool business, OMG has developed unmatched levels of expertise in the design and manufacture of high quality tapping spindles, multi spindle heads and spindle speed increasers. The company boasts a comprehensive series of robust, high quality Angle Heads that cover a wide range of application.

The OMG TA range

The comprehensive OMG TA range is now regarded as the ultimate heavy duty Angle Head series by users throughout the world.

Whether a requirement is for higher spindle speeds or to machine components at various angles, OMG’s high-quality TA spindles are able to increase machining capabilities and to boost efficiencies. The use of OMG’s TA Angle Heads allows users to release the full latent potential of their machine tools, to broaden the scope of the work they undertake and to enter new markets.

Recognising the need for high levels of adaptability, complementing its application specific range of TA Angle Heads, OMG has developed an advanced modular TA Angle Head system that allows users to achieve cost reductions and to increase profits. Also, on the rare occasion that a product from OMG’s standard TA Angle Head range will not meet a customer’s specific requirements, the company is able to design and manufacture special Angle Heads to satisfy the most challenging of applications.

All OMG TA Angle Heads are supplied with an internal channel coolant system. OMG TA Angle Heads’ standard torque arms allows the head to be changed automatically. The coupling system between the conical pin, which can be axially adjusted, and the “V”-housing of the stop-block, allows the closing of the space between the parts. This results in a rigid, backlash free system that delivers maintenance savings, in addition to extending both tool life and bearings life.

Also available, for maximum stability – The OMG TriBlock and QuadBlock torque arm systems, each with an adjustable pin, allowing both radial and axial thrusts to be effectively opposed and providing the possibility of milling or finishing with total security.

All standard OMG TA Angle Heads are made from solid steel resulting in maximum strength, minimum possible size (ideal for thin wall milling) and less weight. Each body is niploy treated and anti-corrosion coated, giving the guarantee of high levels of protection against rust as well as acid and aggressive lubricant-coolants. Each TA Angle Head contains precision bearings, or when models are intended for high stock removal conditions, tapered roller bearings. Lubrication is provided by long-life grease.

The OMG MO series spindle speeders

The OMG “MO” series of spindle speeders has been designed and developed to provide a high quality product that ensures maximum reliability and precision in milling, drilling and engraving applications. OMG’s technically superior spindle speeders are a result of decades of accumulated know-how and intense R&D. The MO series delivers a maximum speed 35.000 rpm, whilst the range allows the machine tool to rotate at low rpm and also provides the possibility of using hard metal tools. The series’ compact design, robust construction, heat-treated steel parts and the use of involute ground gears guarantees the transmission of high power ratings with amazingly low noise levels.

Available with manual or automatic tool change options and with coolant through the tool centre as standard or on request, the MO series spindles are supported by a set of preloaded precision ball bearings with oblique contacts that ensure greater strength and rotation precision of less than 0,01 mm.


TA.CP light duty angle heads

The new generation of TA.CP angle heads represents an innovative range that is ideal for use on smaller machine-tools. Although the reduced weight and size of the TA.CP angle heads applies less of a load to tool changers, the innovative, strong product delivers high levels of performance. TA.CP angle heads remarkable low weight characteristics have been achieved by manufacturing the head body from aeronautical aluminium alloy and by engineering a simplified and lightened torque-arm system.

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