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5D Work Stop - Flexible, modular system - two workpiece stops can be connected by utilising a combination element, quick and easy set up for positioning of components, 18mm T-nut included 5D Work Stop - Combination Element - To connect two workpiece stops together 5D Work Stop - T-Nut - M8x10 - T-Nut, Size: M8 x 10 5D Work Stop - T-Nut - M8x12 - T-Nut, Size: M8 x 12 5D Work Stop - T-Nut - M8x14 - T-Nut, Size: M8 x 14 5D Work Stop - T-Nut - M8x16 - T-Nut, Size: M8 x 16 5D Work Stop - T-Nut - M8x18 - T-Nut, Size: M8 x 18 Easy Mag Work Stop - Workpiece stopper with magnetic base, with its built in magnets this workpiece stopper fixes directly to a bench vice and allows exact positioning of your workpiece, shank Ø: 30mm, holding force: 200N

£5.00£98.00  ex vat

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