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Ecological part blowing booths and tables, with an ergonomic design, for a completely clean workplace with no dispersion of airborne dust and swarf into the environment or onto other clean pieces. Each unit is equipped with transparent lexan guards, with lighting for the work area and a removable swarf collection tray. They are also soundproofed to reduce the irritating whistling characteristic of blowing.


The operator’s face is completely protected by the lexan panel. The units have lifting feet and wheels for easy handling. The work desks and cabins are equipped with a swarf pre-filtration stage and are equipped as standard supply to mount ECO ARNO ARPX air cleaners to capture and purify the oily mist generated during the blowing cycle. Alternatively, the oil mist purification phase can be by directly connecting the machine tool’s purifier to the booth or table. The work desks and cabins are designed to meet the of clients who require a clean workplace with total operator safety. In the design of our products and services we aim, in our already niche market, to solve problems related to air pollution in intensive production workshops, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For such clients, robustness, reliability, low, easy maintenance without downtime – these are the key considerations, which no-one was meeting at the time. Consider that in the automotive industry, both image and compliance with all health and safety regulations, internally and outside the company, are of absolute importance. Aiming at a high level of quality in “Making clean air” has always been AR FILTRAZIONI’s core strength. Also designed specifically for the client’s requirements, the work desks and cabins allow extremely eco-friendly implementation of all those blowing and deburring tasks which normally soil and pollute the workplace.

Deburring of parts with a manual air tool or small grinders.

Nearly all workshops have a manual deburring department or a tool maintenance/repair shop, etc. These activities not only generate a lot of noxious dust and pollute the workplace, can also present a fire hazard due to the presence of fine powder of materials like aluminium and titanium, which are potentially flammable and explosive. AR FILTRAZIONI, with over 35 years of experience in this area, is able to offer full spectrum solutions to these problems. The photo shows an advance technology table and air purifier, dedicated to preventing fires on magnesium processing systems.

Workpiece blowing with air gun.

During blowing, the micro-particles of oil and metal deposited on the part are made volatile and hence hazardous and hence hazardous by inhalation. The pollutants form a cloud in the atmosphere, while larger particles can fall into the bin of previously cleaned parts, thus presenting a risk of rusting. Also note the solution to the problem of oil falling on the floor, which is always a hazard due to the risk of slipping and falling. Workshops (especially lathing shops, which machine small parts in full oil) which have been using a table or booth for each machine tool have reported greatly improved logistics and organisation as well as better recovery of re-condensed oil. Note that the recovery of re-condensed oil is one of the major strengths of AR FILTRAZIONI’s products for full oil processes; the additional recovery of oil with collection in containers during blowing rounds out the entire concept. Our clients, especially lathe shops machining small parts in full oil, have installed a table for each machine tool so that the operator can blow the parts off directly without having to do so at a distance, have reported RECOVERY OF FULL OIL, FIRST OF ALL IN THE BOOTH WITH ITS RECOVERY TANK, AND THEN IN THE EXTRACTION UNIT, WITH THANKS TO THE IMPELLER’S CENTRIFUGAL EFFECT, RE-CONDENSES 80% OF THE OIL FOR STORAGE IN A CONTAINER.
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