Vacuum Clamping Plate 25mm

£984.00£2,711.00  ex vat

Vacuum technology is used to clamp the respective workpiece by a vacuum and to implement 5-side processing easily and quickly. Thanks to the special fastening, the workpieces are protected from damage. Furthermore, the time-consuming alignment of the workpieces is not required.

Together with optional rubber and adapter plates as well as surface-mounted blocks our clamping systems increase the speed and thus improve efficiency in their production.


Kit Includes:

  • - Baseplate made of aluminium
  • - Integrated Venturi nozzle
  • - Sound absorber
  • - Vacuum meter
  • - Shut off valve
  • - 6 eccentric stops
  • - 2m pneumatic hose 6mm Ø
  • - Plug in nipple for compressed air connection
  • - 10m sealing cord 4mm Ø


The vacuum plate has grooves and suction points on its upper side. By inserting the sealing cord, one or more fields can be defined for the desired workpiece size. All suction points are interconnected. Easy positioning via holes for stop pins or lateral, height-adjustable eccentric stops. Lateral grooves or fastening holes allow the vacuum clamping plate to be fastened to a baseplate (e.g. machine table).

£984.00£2,711.00  ex vat

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