Stallion 9/23 Trunnion Table

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The 9/23 Stallion Trunnion Table allows manufacturers to maximise the efficiency of their vertical machining centre and rotary table. Every time a part is handled or indicated, there is an increased risk of scrapping it. The Stallion Trunnion Table minimises this risk through 4th axis milling. With full 360-degree rotation, machining multiple sides of a part becomes possible, allowing your operators to handle a part as little as necessary. The extra 3 inches, compared to the Stallion 9/20, allows for double station vices.

Technical Data

  • - Machine multiple sides in one setup
  • - Robust class 35 casting with heavy ribbing for extreme rigidity
  • - Flexible / Simple to use
  • - Mount vices, chucks, sub plates and super spacers
  • - Manual, pneumatic, or hydraulic work holding, sub plates w/ Jergens Ballocks, and grid patterns available


The 9/23 Stallion Trunnion Table is designed to hold a double station 6-inch vice and features a through hole to open/close the vice. The outboard support is customised to the centre height of your indexer along with faceplate dimensions.
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