Quick-Loc™ 96mm Alignment Tool

£1,079.00  ex vat

The alignment tool provides accurate datum surfaces for measuring Quick-Loc system setups. These can be used to check critical aspects of a setup such as position or runout.

P/N QL-400535

Technical Data

  • - Material: Alloy Steel
  • - Heat Treat: Case Hardened, Rc 52-56
  • - Pullstuds Included



Jergens invented the powerful straight rod plunger method used in their Quick-Loc™ pallets today (U.S. patents 323 and 750). This design increases holding strength, reliability and ease of operation in comparison to other popular pallets on the market, making the Jergens Quick-Loc™ system the most powerful mechanical zero-point system available today.


Jergens have been making workholding solutions for 80 years. With their unrivalled experience, Jergens are able to produce consistently brilliant workholding products with no stones left unturned. All of their Quick Loc™ pallets are manufactured to the highest standards, with every feature analysed and created with the operator in mind.

£1,079.00  ex vat

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