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JetSleeve 2.0 - HSK Form A - Breakthrough development in heatshrink technology. The milling of deep contours and cavities has caused problems for operators across every milling operation. The swarf can not be flushed away and cutters then overrun the chips they were making. Resulting in miller cutter breakage effecting the quailty, surface finish and accuracy of the workpiece. JetSleeve 2.0 is a true innovation to overcome this common frustrating and expensive issue. Like an internal coolant supply, the cooling medium is passed through the JetSleeve 2.0 toolholder. High coolant pressure is created by the tiny nozzles integrated into the gold ring at the nose of the toolholder and sprayed towards the tip of the cutter. The Venturi Effect forces the coolant directly onto the cutter tip in order to blow away the swarf effectively in milliseconds, even in difficult to access deep cavities. Cutter damage by overrunning of the swarf is eliminated, extending tool life by up to 300%. HSK 50A JetSleeve 2.0 Chucks - Fine balanced G2.5 at 25,000 rpm. These toolholders have a thick wall which results in a higher holding force for the cutter, higher vibration dampening and less unbalance. Coolant tube included. For the shrink fit process, the gold jet ring remains attached to the toolholder - there is no need to remove it. the nozzle ring is TIN coated which makes the nozzles more abrasion resistant against media flow under high pressure. The nozzles will not wear out, they will retain their original, correct size and the angle of attack of the coolant will not change. JetSleeve 2.0 can be used in heavy duty machining, standard milling and also in micro production.

£284.00£295.00  ex vat

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