HSK-Form A


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HSK Form A HSK Form A is the preferred type for automatic tool change in machining centres. All tapers are balanced < 1.6 gmm/kg and are complete with bore for identification chip. HSK Form A tools can be equipped with a coolant tube to supply coolant directly through the spindle and the cutting tool. The HSK connection stays dry and clean. HSK 63A Pyroquart ShrinkFit Chucks Fine balanced G2.5 at 25,000 rpm Holders have 4 identification grooves and are designed for heavy duty milling applications.   Application
  • Short and long versions with a wall thickness of up to 8.5mm
  • Ideal for heavy duty milling
  Unit Includes
  • Standard shrink fit chuck with length setting screw.
  Shrink Process
  • Diebold shrink fit chucks can be used with all available induction shrink units. For optimal process reliability and to achieve maximum tool life of your chuck we recommend the use of Diebold ThermoGrip US shrink units.

£171.00£380.00  ex vat

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