DTF Series

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High Speed – the average rotation speed of a normal rotary table is 22.2RPM. The DDM Rotary Table runs at speeds exceeding 100RPM. This makes it suitable for high speed turning and cutting applications.

High Precision – Direct Drive design is without the normal worm gear transmission. There is no backlash or mechanical errors. This guarantees very high positional accuracy and repeatability.

Superior Surface Finish – No backlash, no abrasion and low inertia. No gears or belts in the direct drive system ensures superior surface finish

Speed – Built-in torque motor for direct drive, max speed 250rpm. Super low inertia, high efficient gain loop response. High acceleration and deceleration, 0- 180 degree positioning in 0.2 sec.

Precision – Zero backlash, mechanical wear-free and least friction. High- end European optical encoder as standard equipment. Excellent accuracy guarantee- 20 sec for positioning, 4 sec for repeatability. ISO 230-2 norm applied as standard inspection.

Rigidity – Consolidated main body, all mounting interface are integrated onto the cartridge. Premium rigidity retained. IP65 water proof with European adherent electrical connection. Thermal detection as standard feature. Safe parts holding design during power failure.

Environmental – Noise- reducing, easy maintenance, free from oil waste. Compact structure for flexible working envelope.


Our 4th and 5th axis rotary tables are designed and manufactured in Taiwan. With accuracy results that prove they are as good as, if not better than Japanese tables, our Tuscan tables have proven their ability to provide innovative and high quality products. It is for this reason that our rotary tables are now becoming one of the biggest names in the machining industry. Continuous research and development ensures the seamless integration between your machine and table.
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