GFA Series

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Technical Data

  • - Worktable diameter 100mm, 125mm, 170mm and 210mm
  • - Exclusive patented dual pneumatic piston braking system
  • - Enlarged high precision cross roller bearing
  • - Transmitted by dual lead worm with high efficiency and full depth gear teeth


High Hydraulic Clamping Force. No Oil Leakage Problem. Suitable for Heavy Cutting.

Advantage of drum brake system
  • The exclusive drum brake design in double- ring assembly precisely controls the braking gap. It prevents deformation of the table surface during braking.
  • Easy to adjust concentricity of bearing and brake unit. Offset of rotating centre is no necessary during braking.
  • At high hydraulic pressure by 5Mpa, there is no oil leakage concern from the brake unit. This ensures high clamping torque.
  • The brake unit is close to the table surface to minimise table run-out during machining and clamping, the rigidity of rotary table provides stability while heavy cutting.
  • Easy to maintain.
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