STP Speroni Essentia

Entry Level Tool Presetting and Measuring system

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  • - Entry level
  • - Robust structure
  • - aged cast iron
  • - User friendly software interface
  • - Basic, essential unit
  • - Tangible, long lasting performance
  • - Multi touch display
  • - Windows OS PC based display
  • - Sensor system with high definition camera
  • - Maximum ergonomics


The all new Speroni STP Essentia is an all new entry-level tool presetting and measuring system. Its robust structure and user-friendly software interface allow customers to benefit from a basic, essential unit with a tangible, long-lasting performance. With the new speroni essentia you can efficiently measure tools, easily and independently of the operator achieving full machining productivity. Robust, space-saving and long-lasting, ready to deliver quality results right beside your CNC machine.
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