DIN6499 With Cooling Channel

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Collet chucks use slotted collets for the clamping of cutter shanks. These collets are flexible but the slots collect coolant, swarf and dirt. This has a negative effect on runout and reduces the gripping force of the cutter. Resulting in a loss of precision, increased cutter wear, eventual damage to the work pieces and ultimately higher manufacturing costs. Thermo ER Shrink Collets are monoblock holders, they have no slots. During the shrink process the cutter is clamped in the collet with an additional advantage, that the cutter can be preset to a desired length. Gripping forces are extremely high and supply much higher torque rates than slotted collets. Shrink collets offer better runout making them ideally suited for high speed milling and micro production applications. Since milling speeds have increased in modern machining, the clamping of cutters in slotted collets has become critical. When the cutter is not exactly clamped centric the cutting forces increase and the runout of the holder and cutter are less accurate. This creates increased cutter wear and poor cutting results. Thermo-ER Shrink Collets eliminate the negative effect of slotted collets on unbalance because the cutter always sits correctly in the center of the collet and does not move. Radial forces are much lower and therefore higher cutter speeds are possible. Users of Thermo-ER Shrink Collets report increase of tool life of more than 300 %. For shrinking of, Thermo-ER Shrink Collets we supply shrink units with parameters pre installed for smooth, effective or even automatic shrinking of Thermo-ER Shrink Collets. Shrink Process Diebold shrink fit collets can be used with all available induction shrink units. For optimal process reliability and to achieve maximum tool life of your collet we recommend the use of Diebold ThermoGrip shrink units.

£117.00£144.00  ex vat

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