BT40 TA16.PD – Through Coolant Heavy Duty Angle Head

£3,265.00 £4,086.00  ex vat

P/N BT40-TA16.PD

Technical Data

  • - BT40 Taper
  • - Speed: 5000 rpm
  • - ER25 UPV Output
  • - Tool capacity: 7 – 26mm
  • - Gear ratio: 1-1
  • - Torque: 1040 N


Coolant Heavy Duty Angle Head. The ultimate heavy duty product range with through coolant from stopblock to tool spindle, providing maximum productivity, rigidity and performance. Designed, developed and produced by time served engineers, this new generation TA.PD series form an integral part of modern day manufacturing. The innovative modular system of these angle heads with interchangeable back ends benefits customers with large cost savings for maximum profit.

£3,265.00 £4,086.00  ex vat

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