BT 30/40

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For high speed and precision machining, Kojex presents the latest DC, UC, HEC, SD and HPC products to satisfy their customers requirements. Suitable for use in Aerospace, F1 and Medical applications, Kojex holds the record for the smallest outside nose diameter in the world for their mechanical collet chucks. For many years Kojex have been researching and developing ranges to withstand the problems often caused by high speed machining; such as deformation of the spindle and reduced gripping torque. The constant research and development of their range and continual growth both domestically and globally ensures their continued success in this high speed age.



  • Collet DC6
  • Range 1-6mm
  • Nose Diameter 14mm
  • Runout <5µm (4xD)
  • Balanced to 30,000rpm @G2.5
  • Suitable for Drilling, Milling Tapping and Reaming

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