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Meticulously selected by our own time served engineers in our technical division, all of our Tuscan spindle tooling products are of the highest quality, designed to withstand the pressure and force of the modern CNC machine. We are extremely proud of our progressive product range featuring our Tuscan tool holders and collets. Each and every product has been chosen to ensure the highest precision, accuracy and repeatability down to microns.


Technical Data

  • - 12mm Capacity
  • - 65mm GL



To guarantee our tool holders are in line with our standards, we carry out Standard Quality Control on all of our products to ensure they meet our high demands of quality, reliability and durability over time.


Face and Taper toolholders are designed for use with dual-contact spindle systems. They use plastic deformation of the machine spindle to achieve simultaneous fit of both the taper and the flange face from the holder to create a highly rigid connection and prevent the toolholder from being pulled into the machine spindle. This results in higher run-out precision and better machining accuracy. It also makes it possible for machinists to use higher machining parameters for substantial increases in productivity.
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