When the chips are down JetSleeve will improve your machining efficiency

  • Available exclusively from YMT Technologies Tooling Division, the Diebold JetSleeve is more than just a new system; it is a new concept in machining. It has been shown to reduce cutter-breakage and significantly extend tool-life, improve component surface-finish, and most importantly, increase bottom line profit while refining product quality.


    It is an accepted industry statement of fact that one of the hardest parts of making chips has always been getting rid of them. While minimal-quantity-lubrication (MQL) and air-blast are two of the more promising technologies used to solve this problem, Diebold has introduced a totally new technology that makes chip evacuation significantly more efficient.


    High-pressure coolant systems and air-blast systems typically will not flush chips and fine swarf from deep cavities reliably and effectively. Additionally, these systems require a large initial capital outlay and high continuing costs for filtration medium and the associated handling equipment. Of course, not all machines can be equipped with these systems due to technical requirements.


    With the JetSleeve the costs are low as there are no machine components to buy, only the toolholder itself, and the system can be used on any machine tool with a central coolant supply. The entire system is contained within the tool, and there are no moving parts or delicate tubes. The system is very cost-effective ensuring that it can be justified to the most cost-conscious manager, and the ease of use will win over the most sceptical machinists on the shopfloor. JetSleeve tools are also available for tools used on tilting spindles, with special provisions to ensure the delivery of the desired quantities of lubricant.


    JetSleeve is available for cutting tools with shanks between 3 and 20mm, and in all HSK and steep-taper sizes. Special lengths and variants are also available. It has a simple construction that consists of a heat-shrink ThermoGrip chuck with a modified nose and an aluminium sleeve. The sleeve is produced with a series of 16 calibrated holes around the tool opening to ensure a constant supply of the desired amount of coolant or air to the cutting tool. The small diameter of these holes uses the Venturi effect to radically increase the speed of the cooling medium, accelerating it to a velocity that ensures any chips or fine particles created by the machining process are effectively flushed out.


    With the swarf removed, even from deep pockets and narrow slots, the cutting tool does not run over any chips – known as re-machining or stirring - while machining. This results in roughly a doubling of the tool life, which is especially useful in unmanned ‘lights-out’ operations and for extended machining cycle jobs where sister tooling cannot be used.


    Jason Short, YMT Technologies’ Tooling and Equipment Manager, states: “It is an elegant solution in that it employs no moving parts, no expensive add-ons, nothing but your current coolant delivery system and some simple physics to solve your chip removal problems. JetSleeve eliminates the need to manually remove chips, increasing safety and machine utilisation. It also allows the finish milling of complicated contours, potentially eliminating the need for any finishing operations, such as EDM or grinding.


    Diebold JetSleeve is manufactured from the finest high grade materials, and with meticulous attention to detail. The connection between the sleeve and the toolholder is simply one O-Ring, and once the sleeve is tightened onto the toolholder with a torque wrench, it will stay locked until it is deliberately removed. Even repeated M19 sequences with a high-speed spindle will not loosen the sleeve once correctly installed. The low weight of the sleeve itself helps keep imbalance to a minimum.


    JetSleeve works best with Diebold heat-shrink units that the company first introduced more than a decade ago. That was a milestone in modern shrink-fit technology and the company built on the lessons learned to develop inductive shrink units, chiller units, and integrated tool-settings systems. Comprehensively supported in the UK by YMT Technologies, Diebold earned its position as a world leader in shrink-fit technology, and today offers more than 10 different models of its ThermoGrip machines.


    Jason Short concludes: “Flood-coolant systems are ineffective, and JetSleeve replaces them without the need to buy high-priced high-pressure systems. It is available for virtually all machine tools, and the technical problems that limit other systems are simply not a consideration when using JetSleeve. It can be used with high-pressure units, air-only units, emulsion units, or conventional through-tool coolant supplies, and is robust enough to require little or no maintenance.”

    07/05/2015 11:04:14