Machine Harder, Machine Faster and Reduce Set Up Times

  • YMT Technologies Tooling Division offers an extensive range of cost-effective high precision tool and workholding solutions, as well as efficiency-improving machine tool and workshop ancillaries. The latest addition to the Yeovil-based company’s comprehensive list of high quality products is the 5th Axis range of workholding solutions for improved efficiency when machining in 3-, 4- and 5 axes. Like all the products offered by YMT, this new range comes with full pre- and post-sales technical support.


    To withstand the pressures and forces of CNC machining all 5th Axis fixtures are manufactured from hardened alloy steel to extremely tight tolerances and exacting standards. Designed to allow cutting tool access to five surfaces of the workpiece the innovative fixtures are lighter, stronger and more efficient than many traditional vices on the market. Manufacturers using this state-of-the-art fixturing system can lower component prices and reduce running costs as workpieces are completed in as few operations as possible.


    Simple and robust the dovetail fixture is designed for all 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machines. Featuring a low profile design and precision ground surfaces the unit optimises tool clearance and minimises second operation clean up thereby saving time, money and material.



    Jason Short, YMT Technologies’ Tooling and Equipment Manager, explains: “The 45˚ dovetail ensures a high clamping force, guaranteeing positive holding during both high material removal cutting cycles and precision finishing operations. The dovetail fixture clamps onto as little as 1.5 mm of material. This reduces material costs by allowing the use of smaller raw material stock sizes, and shortens the machining cycle time by having less redundant material that has to be machined away. Although a dovetail preparation is required a recent study showed that the savings gained from using the dovetail fixtures outweighed this by a factor of 2:1.”


    Compatible with many popular multi-axis fixturing systems the 5th Axis vices can also be installed in arrays to hold large components. The vice design also lends itself to mounting on tombstones and other productivity enhancing workholding solutions for maximum equipment efficiency. A precision ground locating pin repeats within 25 micron, meaning that parts can be easily located and removed from the fixture without loss of accuracy or the inconvenience of the parts being relocated in the wrong position.


    Says Jason Short: “Any manufacturing company looking to increase productivity requires high quality precision tooling, workholding and a full range of manufacturing support equipment. To address these needs we have carefully selected our products to ensure high quality tooling at competitive prices. As well as the multi-axis 5th Axis fixturing our comprehensive range includes machine vices and spindle tooling that can help increase machining capabilities. Our innovative product range is constantly improving so customers can rely on YMT for all their tooling requirements.”


    YMT stocks the 5th Axis range at its extensive facility, as Jason Short concludes: “For the UK’s advanced manufacturing sectors, such as motorsport, power generation, automotive and aerospace, we supply high quality tool and workholding solutions at competitive prices. We are constantly updating and developing our ranges to stay ahead of the latest machining applications and the new 5th Axis range is a perfect example of our commitment to this.”

    23/06/2015 16:59:47